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Windows are wonderful things. They let you look outside. They fill your rooms with warmth and light. But windows also let in heat and glare. You can put up curtains—but there goes the view! With window film, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Window film rejects heat, and lowers your air conditioning bill—and who wouldn’t like that?

Block Harmful UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays make carpets fade, and furniture too. Window film eliminates 99% of the U-V rays, and keeps everything looking fresh and new.

You won’t have to squint to see your computer screen, or shade your eyes when you watch TV in the den.

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Sadly, many people never think of putting window film on their homes because they think window tint is that black stuff some people put on the cars. That’s a myth.

Contact Us at Oasis Window Tinting, and let us prove it to you today. We will be glad to show samples on your own windows, so that you can see the clear difference for yourself!.

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