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If this sounds strange, it really isn’t. Nowhere can glare be more annoying than when you’re out on the lake, and at no time will it be more annoying than on just the kind of day you are most likely to want to take your boat out for a spin. 

On a houseboat or yacht, privacy might be nice, and window film tinting will provide you with it.

Window film also keeps the interior from fading, just as it does in your home or car.

In addition, window film won’t shatter, giving you security and comfort at the same time.

We have done many people’s boats, and they are among our most satisfied customers.  Give us a call today, and find out why.

Features & Benefits

  • Window film cuts out the ultra-violet rays that damage the interior of your vehicle. It will keep the inside of your recreational vehicle looking new.
  • Window film provide a “comfort zone” for you and your passengers. The blazing sun won’t broil your elbows and blind your eyes. In many case customers who have their boats tinted because it looks cool will end up loving their tint because it keeps them comfortable. Try it—and you’ll see at once what we mean.
  • The finest raw materials, state-of-the-art production methods, quality control, and a 100 % Parts and labor factory warranty covering the complete installation give you the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Window films also gives a safety edge. Tinted windows won’t shatter into a thousand pieces in an accident. That’s a big plus. We will come to you on Lake Lanier or Lake Alatoona. You can even bring us your boat on a trailer and leave it at our shop if it is more convenient for you.
  • Reduce Sun Glare on your boat

A Reputation You Can Trust

Over the years we have had many customers at Lake Lanier who hesitated to have their vehicles tinted because of the terrible window tinting jobs they had seen on other vehicles. Well, we’ve seen them too, and rest assured that those cars weren’t done at Oasis Window Tinting. Why else would people still be coming back to us?

Of course, we tint trucks too, along with vans, buses, trolleys, and pretty much anything else that moves on four or more wheels or floats!

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